Sunday, February 3, 2013

Artist Of The Day: The Dear Hunter

It's been two years since Casey Crescenzo and the rest of The Dear Hunter released their extremely ambitious nine EP set The Color Spectrum, and now the band is finally gearing up again to release a brand new album. Migrant is the title, and amazingly enough, this is the first record that the band has done that isn't tied to a deep concept. Crescenzo has stated that Migrant feels like "the most creatively rewarding" album he's released, a thought that seems crazy after an unfinished six act story arc and The Color Spectrum, but after hearing the album's first track "Whisper," it doesn't feel entirely off base. The song feels closest to the White EP with a build up into an enormous chorus, but the strings that dominate a majority of the song bring it life and energy that can only signal great things for this record. You can watch an album trailer, stream "Whisper," preorder the new record, and check out the band's tour dates on their website.

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