Friday, February 15, 2013

Artist Of The Day - This Drama

Deep Elm exports This Drama are the rarest of combinations; a rock band from the sweltering Canary Island of Tenerife. Hailing from a place where dance music normally reigns supreme and guitars are as rare as rain, This Drama infuse punk with rock and combine it with both hardcore and 80’s vibes, regularly switching between their influences seamlessly whilst always managing to stride with a swagger. The vocals are always gruff, the guitar lines are insatiably ferocious and gritty and the drumming never forgets for one second that its role is to relentlessly drive the songs forward and provide the platform for the other instruments to build upon. This rather potent concoction is what This Drama’s latest EP The Wasted Youth is all about, and it relentlessly pummels you from start to finish.

Produced by ex The Ghost of a Thousand guitarist Jag Jago, his influence upon This Drama’s sound is equal parts notable and successful. The intensity and vibe which he formerly brought to songs like “Canyons Of Static” is injected into The Wasted Youth, with “Bleed Passion, Buy Fashion” in particular reminiscent of the sludgy, distorted riffs that were commonplace in his old work. EP closer “When We Are Dead” is built upon a classic rock ‘n roll riff and gallops on the back of it from start to finish, whilst opener “Take It (Leave It)” features as infectious a chorus you’re likely to find in punk rock; and will likely be a fan favourite, particularly in a live setting.

The Wasted Youth is still only the second release from a young band who have already found a solid formula; one that takes a dash of one genre and blends it by dabbling in another. Whatever This Drama means by the title of their new EP, the time spent crafting The Wasted Youth is time very well spent indeed, and it’s available on their Bandcamp page right now.

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