Sunday, February 24, 2013

Artist Of The Day: The Jealous Sound

The Jealous Sound formed in 2000 after the breakup of vocalist/guitarist Blair Shehan's former band Knapsack, but since then the band has been inactive almost as often as they've been touring and making records. After the band's critically acclaimed full length Keep Them With Kindness in 2003, very little (other than a small EP titled Got Friends) came out of the band until 2011 when the band announced their latest full length A Gentle Reminder. The record was a perfect follow up to Keep Them With Kindness, keeping the band's similar emo tinged pop rock sound but still moving forward with stronger songwriting and tighter production.
The success of A Gentle Reminder attracted Rise Records, and the band signed a label deal with them in December of last year. The signing allowed the band to finally release Got Friends in a physical format as part of the rerelease of A Gentle Reminder, and also gave assurance that the band may finally be in a stable state for the first time in a very long time. The band is currently just finishing up a tour with upcoming groups Balance & Composure and Daylight, and was fantastic exposure for a group just getting back into relevance after years of hiatus. I was able to speak with them on one of the dates of the tour, and you should be able to read that interview within the next week or so. For now, check out the band's music on Soundcloud.

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