Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Artist Of The Day - Old Gray

Over the past two years, Old Gray has grown immensely. They are almost unrecognizable from their 2011 demo when they used to play twinkly emo music in the vein of Snowing, but with their growth they have become one of the brightest upcoming bands in screamo. The group's latest EP Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To took their sound from Do I Destroy The Universe and heighten it ten fold, raising the emotional intensity to a crushing level. From the spoken word opener "359 Pine" where drummer Charlie Singer speaks beneath post-rock style guitar riffs, to the chaotic build up to heavy distortion in "Resonance," to the intense repetition of the words "I am so alone" in "Winter '11," and to the intense feelings behind "Six Years," every song in the release is bult to create a powerful response. The songs easily accomplish the group's goals, and ended up coming together to be one of the strongest screamo releases of the year.

The group has since released the single track "'I Think I Might Love You' Is An Awfully Long Sentence," a track that was originally supposed to be on the 7" but ended up being cut, and that decision ended up being a strong one. The track absolutely isn't poor, but it leans more towards their earlier twinkly emo material, and wouldn't have fit on Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To. The group is now preparing to release another song tomorrow as part of a four way digital split where the proceeds will be donated to V-Day, a charity aimed at ending violence towards women. The other bands (Julia Brown, Modern Baseball, and The Hundred Acre Woods) are all fantastic as well, and it is worth donating for a download. You can preorder the split here. Let's be excited to hear a new Old Gray track, but for now you should listen to and download all of the group's music for FREE on their Bandcamp page.

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