Friday, October 12, 2012

Jukebox: ShockOne - Chaos Theory

Brostep is one of the most polarizing types of music out there today. Love it or hate it, it evokes strong feelings in almost anyone - there's not much room for neutrality. And, now that everyone and their dog is producing electronic music, a ton of terrible stuff is out there just waiting to taint someone's opinion on the "bro" phenomenon. I won't get into my whole spiel about the merits and faults of brostep, nor will I talk about whether or not its effect on "real" electronic music is beneficial or not. Suffice to say that when something wobbly is well-made and produced with care, I consider it a good song. It's not really fair to view something poorly simply because of its genre; it's best to think instead about if it succeeds within the limitations (or lack thereof) of that style.

And ShockOne's latest single, "Chaos Theory," does just that. The synths are shrill, the bass is wobbly, and the drums are loud and crash hard - and those things help the song immensely. Starting out with a relatively innocuous opening section, the saw-toothed synths come down hard soon enough with a ferocity that's sure to pump up any club or festival where it would be appropriate. After a buildup that sounds like it was sampled straight out of a standard classic sci-fi/horror movie comes a dirty wall of drumstep assailing the ears of listeners all around, with nasally synth leads that fit the atmosphere of chaos and smashing drums that add to the song like any good brostep kit should. From the chaotic synths, to the dubstep tempo shift halfway through the song that eventually builds back to a drumstep clip, to the basslines that wobble in and out with a fervor and complement the rest of the song well, "Chaos Theory" should see significant playtime in clubs around the world in the near future. If you have any tolerance for brostep at all, this song is worth checking out.

The single will be out on October 21, and you can preorder it on iTunes here. It comes with three other tracks but two are just radio edits. It does come with a full dubstep remix, though, so if that tickles your fancy then by all means go ahead and get it.


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