Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Artist Of The Day - Bywater

I think that any time a band can be called unique is something of an accomplishment. More often than not, comparisons can be made between bands, which is never a bad thing so long as there's something that separates one from the other. With Bywater, we have a two-piece band that has crafted a sound that is very familiar, blending atmospheric and post-rock with a fair amount of technicality and experimentation, and put just enough of a spin on it to render comparisons impossible. Sure, at times you can hear a little Circa Survive in the guitars, maybe Moving Mountains, as well, but to say to anyone that they sound like either of those bands would be a complete misrepresentation. Suffice it to say, Bywater is a breath of fresh air in the post-rock community. The instrumentation pulls you in and then crushes you with slowed down, heavy hitting breakdowns, and both vocalist/guitarist Mike Ventimiglia and drummer Bob Wulff give their all on every track.

How these two found it in themselves to write such an outstanding EP is beyond me, but I can certainly appreciate it. The Thick Skin EP can be streamed and downloaded for free, though I highly recommend picking up the deluxe edition, which includes two bonus acoustic track and a screen printed canvas poster. They're hand-numbered and are the perfect thing for anyone who has that penchant to own the rarest of rare items from obscure bands.



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