Monday, October 29, 2012

Artist of the Day: Fucked Up

Man, David Comes to Life was a damn solid album.  Dropping last year, the enormous concept record was a breath of fresh air; an intelligent and thoughtful hardcore punk album with a confounding yet refreshing story to tell.  With heavy themes, David Comes to Life was conceptually challenging, which is strange considering the incredibly welcoming tone of the album.

Today hardcore likes to set itself apart from the status quot by offering listeners a sonic assault that is equal parts chaos and catharsis.  Interestingly, Fucked Up buck this trend by putting a light spin on things. Lead singer Damian Abraham screams his lungs out, but lacking the anger so prevalent in the scene.  Guitars loop around one another, and soft female vocals show up often.  David Comes to Life-- and more importantly, Fucked Up as a whole-- is anything but ordinary.

And that is precisely why the band has exploded in recent years, garnering praise and awards for their unique delivery and fresh take on punk.  While at times silly, Fucked Up are always entertaining, giving listeners a one of a kind sound that draws inspirations from all over the musical spectrum.  It's a tad disappointing that the band has taken a break of sorts, however, one cannot help but get excited for whatever else they have in store.

The band doesn't have a Facebook, but you can follow vocalist Damian Abraham on Twitter here.

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