Sunday, October 21, 2012

Artist of the Day: Submotion Orchestra

If 2010's most brilliant gem Finest Hour had any flaws, it'd have to be its lack of playfulness. While Submotion Orchestra hit the mark on everything they did accomplish within its 60-minute playtime, the album had an underlying blueprint it followed. This wasn't a problem, seeing as Finest Hour successfully merged urban jazz with brooding dubstep like it was a small feat. But in order for the group to continue to be prominent in the underground music scene, a change had to take place.

It's come in the form of 2012's Fragments - variation is the key player here, the steady undercurrent propelling Submotion Orchestra to really reach for potency. Check out the energetic air in "It's Not Me, It's You," to hear the group at their most caffeinated; on the other hand, listen to "Eyeline" for an intoxicating haze of tranquility. The album plays off as an anthology of Submotion's most potent moments, condensed into a perfectly arranged full-length. Fragments came out on October 10, but it has yet to truly hit the inevitably hype train it'll receive. In other words, get on it!

Preview and/or purchase (in devilishly high quality) on Beatport.


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