Friday, October 19, 2012

Artist of the Day: Hop Along

It isn't often that we have a month like October, 2012.  Not only do we get Neurosis and Converge, but Coheed and Cambria and Bats as well.  Yes, it's almost too awesome to bear.  However, I had the grave misfortune of finally checking out Hop Along's debut, Get Disowned. 

Now, Get Disowned is an excellent album.  A really excellent album, actually.  And honestly, I can't even be mad at Hop Along for taking my attention away from albums I have been waiting years for.  There's something about the lovely mixture of female fronted folk rock with slight "punkiness" that really hits all the right notes.  The album is a first for the band, sort of, as it is more a reworking of the lead singer's solo act.  It is a brilliantly written, catchy, and full of wonderful hooks.  Lyrically, there are too many wonderful moments to name.  All of this adds up to an amazing album you should have heard months ago.

So am I pleased that Hop Along has me regretfully addicted?  Yes, and you should be too.


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