Monday, October 1, 2012

Jukebox: Clubfeet - Heartbreak (feat. Chela)

Synth-pop is a really fun genre because there's so much a band can do with the style. They can layer pounds upon pounds of sugar on top of a bare-bones structure, they can distort the synths to create a danceable electro-pop piece, they can evoke the classic rock and pop of an era long gone with the (in)famous '70s/'80s synth sound. Every band has a chance to do something different, and it's always nice to see what each new band does with their own style.

In Clubfeet's case, a full-out classic soft rock style of synth-pop seems to be how they'd like to approach the genre, and that's on full display on their newest single "Heartbreak." Right from the first couple seconds of the intro through to the end of the song, the band sounds like everything we loved from the softer side of groups like Fleetwood Mac, and that's a very good thing. The guitars are jangly and alternate between subdued power chords and slow, full-bodied strums that fill the room with a kind of calm, confident bravado that sets the stage perfectly for the atmospheric synths that back up the rest of the piece really well. The vocalists also channel the spirits of the likes of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, with guest singer Chela providing a melancholy croon complementing Clubfeet's vocals in a way that works perfectly for the feeling of the song. It's a beautiful throwback to the music that hasn't had much attention for years, and it's got the power to invoke nostalgia in even those of us who weren't lucky enough to live through the prime of soft rock and old-school pop.

Stream "Heartbreak" here, and follow Clubfeet on Facebook and Twitter. Their album, Heirs and Graces, will be released January 22 on Plant Music/Illusive.

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