Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Album Review: The Swellers - Running Out of Places to Go

Album Rating: B
Back when The Swellers released Ups and Downsizing, there was so much potential for where they could go. They displayed a true knack for pop/punk, complete with hard-hitting hooks and quality emo-leanings. Unfortunately, when it came to their sophomore album, Good For Me, they took a turn in a rather disappointing direction, focusing more so on their pop tendencies than anything else. It was good for what it was, but it lacked the edge that made Ups and Downsizing such a good album. So when it came to their new EP, I was hesitant in my approach, and could not be happier with I heard.

Running Out of Places to Go shows The Swellers going back to what they did so well with Ups and Downsizing, while still managing to incorporate some of the pop tendencies of Good For Me, just in a much more palatable way. There's a firm balance between pop/punk and emo throughout its entirety, with solid hooks, catchy choruses and overall quality musicianship. The dynamics of the EP range from the upbeat "Bad for Me" to the anthem-driven title track, "Running Out of Places to Go," with just enough variety in between to keep things interesting. To delve much further into the EP than this really isn't necessary seeing as how it would most likely spoil the enjoyment of hearing it for the first time. I feel like at this point everyone should have a reasonably clear picture of what The Swellers sound like, and if you’re not, then this is the perfect time to get into them. It's a relatively quick listen, just passing the 15 minute mark, and it's sure to not disappoint any existing current fans out there.

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Track List
1. Hands
2. Let Me In
3. Bad For Me
4. Making Waves
5. Running Out of Places to Go

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