Saturday, October 6, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Storm The Beaches

If anyone reading this has an absolute aversion to anything poppy, they should stop reading now. Storm The Beaches aren't going to please fans with down-to-earth indie folk, experimental post-rock, or anything of the sort that music critics seem to love so much. Rather, Storm The Beaches are pretty much a straight-up pop rock/pop punk band - and especially considering the stagnant nature of both of those genres as of late, they make music that's catchy, surprisingly well-crafted, and most of all pretty damn good. Storm The Beaches have released two EPs so far (both self-released on Bandcamp), and from their showing on those two EPs the band seems to have the potential to revitalize a dying pop rock scene. In a genre where the almost-sure-fire way to get attention is to create music in accordance with the strict guidelines of radio rock, Storm The Beaches have rebelliously deviated from the norm (if only slightly) with their sound. And how refreshing that sound is. If the band can continue to write songs like "Rooftops," with its distorted guitars strumming out a I-IV-I-IV chord pattern and vocals that are infectiously catchy yet at the same time interesting from a critical standpoint, they should be able to get some significant and deserved attention on their debut full-length, out next month via Apparition Recordings. I'm honestly pumped for the full album to come out, and since I'll be all over it when it does expect a review of the release.



  1. Awesome job guys! Keep up the good work - SP

  2. Thanks a lot... I am the guitarist/singer in Storm The Beaches... Can't wait for you to hear our full length... If you would like to receive is early from us so you can review it just let me know, I am not sure what your schedule is like... Thanks again! Peace and much LOVE!
    ~Mark Mikina