Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Seven Lions

With the somewhat formulaic nature of electronic music today, it's nice to see a producer meld two genres and achieve success with the combination. Since the development of genres like dubstep, drum & bass, and house has been close to stagnant ever since a wobbly sound marked a total shift in direction, the most sensible way to further push the limits of a style seems to be to incorporate other electronic elements into that music. In Seven Lions' case, a mixing of some of the best qualities of brostep and trance-styled chords has catapulted his sound into the upper echelons of today's electronic market and launched his career very high in only a short time.

The California-based producer first turned heads when he won a remix competition for "You Got To Go," a massive track from trance superstars Above And Beyond, immediately earning himself a spot on Viper Recordings where he released his chart-topping EP Polarize. Recently, Seven Lions has been signed to OWSLA where he released his Seven Lions EP this week to great acclaim. The four-track EP plays with a trance sound in a lot of different genres, like glitch hop ("She Was"), electro house ("Fractals"), and -of course - the dubstep that made him famous in the first place ("Days To Come"). It's a really nice EP, and shows just how far he's made it in under a year in the big leagues of the electronic world. And with high-profile remixes of big trance names rolling in and out, it's impossible to tell just how far Seven Lions might go even within a few months, and he'll be someone to look out for in the future.

You can buy Seven Lions' newest EP on Beatport and iTunes.


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