Thursday, October 11, 2012

Artist of the Day: Torche

In exactly three days I will be witnessing what I believe will be the finest concert of my life.  It's a bit of a bold statement; blind judgement towards something impossible to predict.  However, the line-up is something anyone with even a passing interest in heavy music would love. Not only are metalcore legends Converge, highlighting, but lesser known bands such as KEN Mode and Kvelertak.  But if there's one band I can rely on to put out one hell of a fun show, it's gotta be Torche.

The hard rock/heavy metal act have been around for several years, nabbing critical acclaim with each release.  While often thought of as "progressive and poppy," Torche are a metal band through and through.  Big riffs and sludgy melodies can be found throughout the band's discography, which is somewhat small given the amount of time the band has been active.  Yet their latest as leaned a bit towards the former, being the band's most upbeat and accessible yet.  Harmonicraft, however, stands tall with the rest of the band's music, and surpassing the rest for their absolute best.  Heavy guitar chords pound over uplifting melodies and vocals.  It never forgets its identity when delving deep into poppiness, managing to stay surprisingly grounded.

Torche is a people pleaser--fans of accessible rock and outlier metal can rejoice!  Check out any of their excellent records and enjoy!


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