Thursday, October 18, 2012

Artist of the Day: Daedelus

Electronic/Psychedelic madman Daedelus is nothing if not busy. On top of chucking out a torrent of experimental music on soundcloud, he's also found the time to appear (luxurious sideburns and all) in a Pitchfork documentary titled 'Music and the Psychedelic Mind'  as well as releasing a very tasty EP by the name of Looking Ocean just 2 days ago.

In true Daedelus fashion, Looking Ocean is a bit of a mixed bag: sitting somewhere between calm reflection and all out mania... possibly closer to the latter now I think of it. Not only will the tone shift wildly from track to track, there's examples like the title track that feature completely opposing themes right on top of each other: such as a clunky, deliberately quirky piano piece played amongst some pretty hardcore techno.

The remarkable thing is that it's actually really, really good. Flying Sail is currently the stand out for me, but honestly it's entirely possible that I might prefer another by the time I finish writing this. The other remarkable thing is that the EP is free.

So Download it!!!
And go and like his Facebook page.

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