Sunday, October 28, 2012

Artist of the Day: Photek

There's a lot to like about Photek. On top of spearheading much of the Drum and Bass movement in the mid 90's (with the track KJZ being a personal favourite of mine), he managed to release consistently contemporary and brilliant music until what can only be referred to as a minor slip-up in 2007 with Form & Function Vol. 2. His very latest, KU:PALM, is something of a return to form: moulding itself to the current electronic dance scene without abandoning his sense of pacing, restraint and absolutely devastating knack for percussion.

Things have changed, of course, as every electronic artist in the spotlight has had to. Eager ears won't go too long without noticing the omnipresence of more saturated, summer chords; and eager eyes will soon spot the three instances of "feat" pushed shyly to the end of the track list. Nevertheless, the album remains 'damn classy,' and while it might contain a little too much rumbling than is comfortable (which is any rumbling at all, in most instances), KU:PALM  can easily be described as incredibly good.

It's just out. Go get it.

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