Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jukebox: Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything

It seems like I always get on the bandwagon years later than everyone else.  I had always like Modest Mouse, listening to their most critically acclaimed albums off and on.  But recently, The Moon and Antarctica has been hitting me hard lately.  Frankly, the more I listen the more I see it as one of the last decade's most brilliant albums; a spellbinding blend of indie and alt rock sensibilities that has very clearly influenced many acts since.

Yet there's one song that has me especially entranced: "Gravity Rides Everything." The song is addicting to say the least, but so phenomanally simplistic that one has to wonder what's so great about it to begin with.  With a simple guitar hook, the song features little in the way of incredible musicianship.  Despite this, the song grabs hold and doesn't let go.  The beautiful lyrics combined with the admirable pace makes for a very catchy song, although it doesn't seem entirely so.

"Gravity Rides Everything" is a wonderful song from an incredible, decade defining album.  For the uninitiated, this is absolutely, positively essential.

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