Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Artist of the Day: P.O.S.

When contemplating where hip-hop's been, where it'll be someday and - most importantly, where it is right now - I can't help but posit that P.O.S. is a driving force for today's innovation. When I think of insightful verses, I think of him - when I think of natural flow, he also comes to mind. There's little that P.O.S. doesn't do right, and this only makes me respect him more.

Considering this, I can't help but be beyond stoked at the thought of a new P.O.S. release, and 2012 is finally the year. We Don't Even Live Here is scheduled for an October 23 release date, and it definitely seems like it'll be a game-changer; "dance-oriented collaborators" are said to be joining in on the party, offering a new sound we can't quite imagine yet. Maybe that's why P.O.S. has released a music video from the new album, for a track bluntly titled "Fuck Your Stuff."

P.O.S. drops the introspective lens with "Fuck Your Stuff," and refracts it back onto the rap society of which he's become a part. A song about Nikes and crews? It's more endearing than anything, P.O.S. mocking the culture from where his peers have been born - and hopefully this ability the man has to laugh at himself will carry over into We Don't Even Live Here. And I don't mean the tongue-in-cheek nature of this track, but just the fact that P.O.S. would even create one like it. It's promising, that's for sure. 

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