Friday, September 28, 2012

Artist of the Day: deadmau5

There’s a tendency in Electronic Dance Music - more so than really any other genre - to bend to the perceived will of the crowd. A very rapid and recent rise of ultra-cheese has made overnight stars of artists such as Madeon, while the likes of Netsky, BT and (*sniff*) Benga have had their styles shifted by what we can only assume is an intense kind of communal and monetary peer pressure.

Deadmau5 hasn’t been immune from this, with his tight, restrained house slowly becoming more saturated with syrupy-rich dance chords and tracklists steadily containing more of that ever criticised ‘feat,’ and his latest album > Album Title Goes Here < cannot really be described as anything but a continuation on this road.

Unlike a healthy chunk of his contemporaries, however, he has managed to hold on to some kind of signature style. While > Album Title Goes Here < may move as it pleases between brag-rap to a pretty groovy form of lounge jazz, it’s still definitive ‘Deadmau5.’ It’s still dance, it’s still fun, and - despite what you may hear elsewhere - it’s definitely rather good indeed. Just remember to take it as it is.

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