Saturday, September 8, 2012

Artist of the Day: Listening Mirror

Listening Mirror has been a hive of activity since the project was formed in 2010 by Jeff Stonehouse and Kate Tunstain. In the last two-and-a-bit years the two busy bees have released a honey pot (I'll stop now, I promise) of 14 pristine drone-ambient EPs, and since their compilation/LP Resting in Aspic released earlier this year the two have been enjoying a well deserved buzz (okay, now) of acclaim.

The Clearing/ My Hiding Place is the first release since the LP, and Listening Mirror don't disappoint. The new EP takes a similar tack to the artists' previous work - with a very tangible sense of space carefully developed through field samples and texture, as well as a constant veil of a very sinister kind of danger - except it develops the idea further. With each of the three tracks, the album becomes progressively darker: giving the sense of the danger circling closer and closer around you.

It falls short of being their most successful release, sadly, but it's still exceptionally well crafted and has obviously had hours upon hours of time, thought and effort crammed in to its duration. So don't worry, the Listening Mirror are still unbelievably good at what they do, and this release is certainly worth the £3 asking price.

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