Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Lucy Rose

Backing vocals on Bombay Bicycle Club's Flaws and A Different Kind Of Fix introduced us to the fantastic British singer-songwriter Lucy Rose, and now her new album Like I Used To is forcing us to love her. Rose's voice has always been her main calling. It's angelic, yet still sweet as sugar, and she is able to remain pitch perfect even in a live setting. She's also an extremely capable guitar player, showing off her finger-picking ability as well as many other technicalities not often shown off in stripped down songs such as these. Rose also shows a knack for excellent melodies, whether conventional (as in "Middle Of The Bed") or more sophisticated. "Red Face" and "Lines" feature tempo and stylistic changes within the song, separating her from the singer-songwriters that simply play it safe. Like I Used To is only Rose's debut album, a startling fact after hearing the maturity and confidence radiating from the release. It's easily one of the best albums of the style this year, and her star is simply starting to glow. She's a musician on the rise, and is no longer someone to ignore.

Listen to the entire album right here, and follow her on Facebook here.

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