Sunday, September 23, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Photocomfort

If you're in the mood for something different and refreshing, I can't think of anyone better to recommend than Photocomfort.  It's a music project featuring singer/songwriter Justine Bowe, who, alongside a handful of friends, have put together one of the best folk/indie ep's I've heard in quite some time.  It's dark, beautiful and all around entrancing from start to finish, with slight leanings into chamber pop.  There's a really haunting element in the music they right, made only more prevalent by Bowe's entrancing vocals and touching lyrics.  Granted, not everyone has a penchant for folk/country/indie music, but those who do should be floored by how heartfelt and tear-jerking Bowe is capable of being.

Photocomfort's self-titled ep can be download for free on their Bandcamp.  Highly recommended for fans of Belle Histoire, Neko Case and Lissie; as well as anyone who is open to hearing something new.



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