Monday, September 3, 2012

Artists of the Day: Adaje

Adaje is band that caught my interest at the beginning of this year and has just recently released a brand new EP entitled Yore Veils.  They're the kind of progressive/screamo band that showed potential at first, and utterly blew away any and all expectations with this new album.  The ferocity they emit is staggering, with an immense amount of thrash vocals and highly technical guitar work, which is then further built upon with a knack for ethereal interludes and highly melodic guitar solos.  The transition between the two is seamless, always tying in perfectly with the vocals, so in the end you get is an album that is every bit as aggressive as it is emotive.

Yore Veils is up for free download, along with the majority of Adaje's discography.  If you're a fan of hardcore acts like We Were Skeletons and State Faults, this is the perfect album for you.  Adaje has proven themselves to be one of best, most insightful screamo bands around right now.  For proof, all you need to do is read the description of the album on Bandcamp.   

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