Saturday, September 22, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Divorce

DIVORCE truly are horrendous. They're ghastly, shambolic and at times borderline unlistenable; the type of band relatives may fear you're mentally handicapped for subjecting yourself to. It's a strain of music most would dismiss out of hand as 'just noise.' You'll deny this, of course, but in truth there's not much argument to the contrary. It could even be made by the freakish, deformed creature depicted on their album cover, it's that repulsive.

Formed in Glasgow in 2008, this four-piece's resumé is essentially to push the boundaries of what the human brain can tolerate. You could call it uncompromising, but that would be too weak a term to attach to this hellhole of sonic disregard, instrument abuse and deranged howling; the kind of racket with which noise rock should be defined. Truly appalling - and yet, somehow, utterly brilliant. Put it this way, if you like the sound of hyenas being tortured, you'll more than likely gain some semblance of enjoyment from DIVORCE. If not, you've wasted two minutes of your precious life reading this post.

If you fall into the former category, you can buy DIVORCE's self-titled debut LP on their Bandcamp page.

Official website

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