Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan may be indispensable, but even at the height of his powers you'd struggle to find anyone making a case for him being a good singer. That infamous nasal drag has of course gone down in legend along with the majority of his back catalogue, and it's fair to say that age has hardly helped its cause. In fact, at 71, Dylan's voice now sounds strangely akin to a dog being subjected to waterboarding; not an obvious platform from which to forge a stirring late career revival. If, however, you can get past that considerable barrier, you'll find an artist who still possesses a good chunk of that old magic, and nowhere is that more obvious than on new album Tempest. His 35th effort in all, it quite simply ticks all the boxes you look for in a classic Dylan record, with his masterful songwriting and wry way with words striking as blissful a chord as ever. Modern Times is widely regarded his finest post-millennium work, but this is easily its equal, a prospect which should excite hardcore and casual fans alike.

Tempest is out now.

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