Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Artist Of The Day - Madeliene

Sometimes you simply need another outlet for creative expression that is drastically different than your original project. Cameron Boucher from screamo band Old Gray has that in his new band Madeliene, a folk project with vocalist Michi Tassey. Tassey's voice has the fragility of Regina Spektor, yet at the same time she shows confidence in letting her little vocal quirks pop out, a trait that even more experienced vocalists may not be comfortable in embracing. Cam's excellent guitar playing from Old Gray is transferred over to the acoustic realm, adding a technicality that separates the music from the majority of female led folk out there. He also shows off his ability on the saxophone and piano, two instruments that he can't really take on in Old Gray. Madeliene is a perfect way for Cam to do these things that Old Gray simply doesn't allow, and based on the four songs on the band's new EP Adieu, let's hope there's much more of that in the future. You can download Adieu on a pay what you want basis on the duo's Bandcamp page.

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