Thursday, September 27, 2012

Artist of the Day: Mord Fustang

If you pay any attention to electronic dance music (EDM), you've probably heard of Mord Fustang. The young Estonian electro producer has been tearing up the Beatport charts with huge tracks like "Lick The Rainbow" and "We Are Now Connected" - and for good reason. There's just something addictive about his style of long buildups into techy electro sections that make any dance floor go wild, and his top-notch electro house has garnered a lot of deserved attention. Whether he's chopping up the buildup he's spent two minutes phasing in on "Super Fever," transitioning straight from 8-bit into his trademark wobbles on "Super Meat Freeze," or trying his hand at guttural glitch hop on "Champloo," Mord Fustang's songs are always interesting and high-energy. It's no wonder he won Beatport's Breakthrough Artist of the Year award - he'll be a talent to watch as he goes forward and releases more material.

Mord Fustang's recent compilation album All Eyes on Mord Fustang is a good place to start with his material - it compiles 12 of his singles and EP tracks on one album, and it's absolutely worth checking out. Check it out here.


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