Friday, August 31, 2012

Jukebox: The Dimes - Walden and the Willow Tree

The Dimes are very much indie folk, working with a lot of acoustic instruments in order to find a traditional sound. The Portland-based outfit self-released four EPs before being picked up by Pet Marmoset and recording a debut full length. Each one of their songs on their most recent album, The King Can Drink The Harbor Dry, has a vintage sound that brings an instant charm to their sound, and stand as the indie folk band that's instantly likable.

"Walden and the Willow Tree" is first and foremost an acoustic song. It's laid back, and floats along like a cloud, or like the ship on the album cover across a clear, gently moving ocean. The song style feels akin to early Owen tracks, when Mike Kinsella would have essentially zero effects besides his guitar and his voice. A harmonica lazily drones over the single guitar, and Johnny Clay whispers about romanticism, Oregon, and facial hair in a voice that doesn't seem to care much about any of it, but intently focuses on finding his own quietude: "Far from Salem by the sea, to Walden and the willow tree / stop and ask Elias how / the beads stay on your dressing gown." The song talks about all of these trivial things and finds some relation with the world outside with an easy inner peace that grows within.

It's really not tough to jump onto this record. I'd recommend it, as you can find it on their Bandcamp and stream it for free. Definitely check it out.

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