Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Artist of the Day: Funeral for a Friend

Let's face it: there are days when you don't know if you want to smile, cry or break stuff in a fit of rage. That's when you stick in your headphones, scroll all the way down to "F" on your iPod and throw on Welsh rockers Funeral For a Friends' simultaneous smile-maker and heart-breaker, Hours.

Known for usually relentless post-hardcore, Hours is an odd but cohesive jumble of emotions coming from the typically heavy outfit. "Streetcar" lays down adrenaline-spiking guitar riffs and a gutsy vocal performance, but the track's true piece de resistance is a breakdown where two lovers declare, over and over, "I can't feel the same about you anymore." It's the kind of song that will bring a tear to listeners' eyes even while they throw their fists emphatically into the air. That's less apparent on "Drive," the record's one true ballad. It's a soft, mournful tune, but one that still burns with passion, albeit a darker one.

But that's not saying that any harder tracks for Hours were scrapped on the cutting room floor. "All the Rage" blazes in three-and-a-half minutes of unbridled glory, and Matthew Davies-Kries lets loose in fits of manic moments. It might not have the metal roots of Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation, but the album is blistering sonically and emotionally.

It's a post-hardcore album with rainy day moodiness and sunny disposition. Sometimes, you just don't know how to feel and the world is just a swirling whirlwind of confusion and feelings. But even in those constant hurricanes of heartbreak and swelling exuberance, Funeral For a Friend remains a constant reminder that it's okay to just let it all out sometimes.



  1. FFAF is amazing. And has been for quite some time.

  2. FFAF is amazing, and has been for quite a long time.