Friday, August 3, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Ajimal

North East England currently has quite a concentration of upcoming talent, but Ajimal, a solo project from Fran O'Hanlon, could be the best of the lot. "A collaborative in-ear experiment with the aim of writing about the interplay between ideas from music, medicine, art, ideas, literature, science and stories" may not sound like the most engrossing of propositions, but with only a handful of recordings to his name, the Newcastle-based musician is already confounding his own dreary descriptions. With an angelic, ethereal croon and slightly flamboyant demeanour, it's not too far fetched to draw parallels with Jonsi Birgisson, but it's in his compositions where the comparison truly lies. They adopt a more folky aesthetic, and are clearly still in their primitive stages, but they nevertheless hold a fluid, otherworldly beauty that's not wholly dissimilar from Sigur Ros themselves. That harrowing emotional punch has already been sampled on debut single 'Footnote To Love [Part One],' with an EP, entitled Childhood currently in the works. Early days perhaps, but if these initial indicators are anything to go by, Ajimal could well be worth getting excited about.

Check out 'Footnote To Love [Part One]' and a handful of other tracks on Ajimal's Soundcloud page.


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