Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Artist of the Day: Fero Lux & Courtships

Splits are an exciting idea in the hardcore scene. The brief albums that feature two artists exist as the opportunity for like-minded brains to collaborate, to create something concise in its intentions and indicative of the groups' directions. This is the case with the upcoming split from Fero Lux and Courtships, two highly promising hardcore groups that have surfaced in particularly the last year.

Courtships broke onto the scene with their debut full-length, The Feral Sound. its ferocity is accurately captured in its opening track, "Feral Child" :

Similarly, Fero Lux turned heads in the hardcore with their debut, Some Divine Ashtray. Check out some live footage of the group here:

Check out Some Divine Ashtray in its entirety here, and hear for yourself the massive changes that Fero Lux have undergone as of late.

And in the meantime, get pumped for the split that these two hardcore groups are releasing soon! It's certainly one album that I've been anticipating for awhile, and what a collection of talent it'll be.

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