Friday, August 10, 2012

Artist of the Day: Circa Survive

By now the history of Circa Survive is written in stone: Anthony Green becomes disillusioned with the success of his old band, Saosin, prompting him to start Circa Survive (which has become even bigger than his previous band, oddly enough). Three critically and commercially successful albums later, Green and co. have become accustomed to setting the alternative music scene on fire.  From the post-hardcore infused Juturna to the more rock oriented Blue Sky Noise, the band has been progressing over the years by tightening their sound.  However, this has been a bit slow with each album seemingly similar to the last.  The band's latest album, Violent Waves looks to change that.

The band decided to record and produce the album completely by themselves, even going as far as to release it using their own funds.  Focusing on the energy found during their live shows, the band hopes to imbue a new vibe to their music.  And so far, the album looks to be shaping up to that vision.    More importantly is the new direction and willingness to experiment.  Violent Waves is easily the most experimental the band has sounded, and perhaps the least "Circa" sounding thing they have done.  Surprisingly this is absolutely perfect, as is sounds stunningly fresh.

Only time will tell if Circa Survive have made the right choice in their new endeavors.  Be sure to check out Violent Waves on August 28th to see how things pan out.


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