Friday, August 3, 2012

Artist of the Day: Cloudkicker

Cloudkicker couldn't possibly have a more fitting name. It screams importance and properly captures the effect that Ben Sharp has had on the do-it-yourself Bandcamp community. The man started off with a penchant for Meshuggah-inspired metal riffs that showed instrumental prowess, and has lately even dabbled into acoustic outings, namely on the easygoing Let Yourself Be Huge. All the major ground's been covered by Cloudkicker, and he certainly sets the bar for musicians having a go at it themselves.

That album artwork is pretty damn promising, at least.
This is no different in 2012, considering Sharp's most recent release titled Fade is yet another voyage into the unknown. Ambiance marries shoegaze in a manner appealing to us Cloudkicker fans, the troopers that persevere because we never know what to expect. There's always something new around the corner, and this time the surprise has a keen taste for early Smashing Pumpkins romanticism. It's hard to say how lasting Fade will be with time, but I suppose that's why it's wise to give an album more than a day to sink in.

If you'd like to hear the album for yourself, then check it out here. (Download it for free like the broke college kid you are, or pay money for it like the gracious broke college kid you are. It's up to you!)

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