Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Album Review: Mono - For My Parents

Album Rating: B+
In order to start out this review properly, let's make one thing clear:  For My Parents is a Mono album, through and through.  Obviously, right?  Well, said statement is a painfully necessary one, as Mono have been an extremely divisive band these past several years.  Many have embraced their hyper-dramatic and emotive delivery, while a large group of detractors have heavily criticized the band for adhering too strongly to genre conventions.  Both sides are passionate, that much is true.  However, one's opinion hinders on how willing one is to forgive a lack of new ideas from an obstinate band refusing to progress.

That being said, if explosive and beautiful post-rock is your thing, then Mono couldn't be a better fit.  While it is a bit disappointing that For My Parents is essentially every single Mono record up until this point, one cannot help but be enchanted all over again.  You see, the Japanese outfit know how to convincingly capture the audible recording of pure musical drama, with a lush backdrop of by the numbers post-rock.  The well received strings featured on Hymn to the Immortal Wind make their return, and the record as a whole benefits greatly.

In general, For My Parents is the least dark of all the Mono records.  Instead of ominous builds and somber resolutions, the whole of For My Parents is rather bright.  Bells and chimes are sprinkled throughout, and even the crushing climaxes feel somewhat lighter.  Although the blueprint of the band's sound remains the same, it is nice to see the little change in tone.

For My Parents is an album bursting at the seams with content.  Despite the meager track list, the album nears the 60 minute mark.  While it would be nice to say that nary a moment is wasted, you can't help but get the feeling that the band could have moved at a more brisk pace.  Moments of greatness are found everywhere, but when the lull hits in "Unseen Harbor," it can really drag down the momentum.

Despite a few reservations, For My Parents is a Mono album for Mono fans.  That same gorgeous music you fell in love with is still there and better than ever.  Yet if you've never been able to jump on the bandwagon, then you'd had best let this one pass.


1. Legend
2. Nostalgia
3. Dream Odyssey
4. Unseen Harbor
5. A Quiet Place

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    The well received strings featured on Hymn to the Immortal Wind make their return"

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