Thursday, August 9, 2012

Artist of the Day: Ghosts

At a time when deep, atmospheric dubstep is on the cusp of becoming cliche, Ghosts have picked a terrible time to release their debut EPs. It's to their credit that these two Irish producers manage to hold their heads a few inches above the rest despite relying quite heavily on what is fast becoming a fairly tired formula, or even formulae in this case. If nothing else, their most recent EP, Judge, is a culmination of a select few electronic trends of late: from this recent dubstep movement to the fondly-named "Witch House" and even the small deep-techno revival which found a home in this decade's sub-bass fetishism. These influences are entwined skillfully, though it's usually obvious where each individual track received its influence.

The reason Ghosts are worth mentioning here, despite having only just appeared on the scene,  is because Judge is just so gosh-darn-impossibly sexy. "Sniper Wolf" - with its repetitive, breathless female soundbites on top of a dank techno beat - is the most obvious example, but elsewhere the album treads the forlorn yet sentimental path of artists such as Swarms and Void Pedal beautifully. To finish this off, even the album cover is explicitly sexual, making Judge a particularly hard EP to pass by... mmmmm...

Where Ghosts go with this vibe is uncertain, though I doubt I'm the only one hoping that they try to define a sound that's more "their own" with their next release. If that never happens, however, it really isn't too much of a problem seeing as the quality of their two EPs so far is so great. Certainly worth checking out, anyhow, seeing as both are up as "name your price" on Bandcamp.

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