Friday, August 24, 2012

Artist of the Day: Four Tet

Four Tet sits at a level just below the founders and gods of contemporary electronic music: Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and the like. So when he releases an album it’s usually the case that a fair few prick up their ears and listen. Except... Pink (the new album) isn’t really a new release at all - the tracks have been available on soundcloud and the like for months - but we still get this wave of excitement because yes, Four Tet is that good. A mere collection of recent tracks is more than enough to make us happy.

Inevitably, Pink’s a tad lost in terms of tone and direction, but it still works because it’s Four Tet. Likewise, some of the tracks aren’t as strong as we’d hope, but it still works because it’s Four Tet. Furthermore, it’s not as jazz-y as his mid-2000’s masterpiece Rounds, but (you guessed it) it still works because it’s Four Tet. He knows what he’s doing, even on an album that could well be viewed as among his weakest, and as such it’s still one of the better albums to be born of 2012’s so far rather erratic, experimental womb.


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