Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Artist of The Day: Bankrobber

Even the people who are apathetic towards all things music will agree upon one idea: that music for the most part is seasonal.   Just about every fan of music will listen to different genres, artists, and albums depending on the season: the person who listens to Some Nights over the summer might listen to Merriweather Post Pavilion in the winter, the person who listens to Helplessness Blues in the spring might listen to Our Endless Numbered Days in the fall,and the person who jams out to Katy Perry over the summer is probably 12 and probably listens to Christmas music all throughout December.  The dirty secret of anyone who claims to be a musical snob is that the music we listen to is based off temperature just as much as our temperature and nature just as much as necessity.

The amazing thing about "the climate of music" idea is that while we have bands that can have given us the perfect winter, spring, summer, or fall album, we have rarely have had a band that have given us a great album for all four seasons.  This is because it is tough to combine the energy and apathetic nature of summer music, the relaxing and atmospheric nature of fall music, the general lovely nature of spring music, and the cold indifference and depression of winter music.  It is tough to believe that such an album is possible, but after listening to some of Bankrobber's music I believe that they could easily make this album happen.  The band easily combines the spring punk sound of Dr. Dog, the cold, electronic, and winter feel of Animal Collective, the immediate summer catchiness of Fun. and Taking Back Sunday, and the atmospheric fall sounds of Iron & Wine.

On the chorus of "J.D" shouts of "you can leave, but you can't let go" to an absolutely rocking guitar riff.   And since Bankrobber easily combines the sounds of all four musical seasons, it is going to be tough for anyone to let go of their music for a very long time.

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