Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Artist Of The Day - BATS

Where have BATS been these past few years? Dropping their critically acclaimed Red in Tooth and Claw back in 2009, the band has released little in the way of confirming a new album. While three years doesn't seem like that long of a wait, for those who fell in love with the band's peculiar science filled progressive hardcore, the wait has been agonizing.

Red in Tooth and Claw is a sonic marvel that displays a mindblowing creativity and a unique sound. The thoughtful blending of post-hardcore with experimental rock creates a fantastic backdrop for the band's fascinating lyrical content. Filled to the brim with science references, BATS come off as a very intelligent group of guys, all without seeming too contrived or up their own asses. For those who are tired of your typical fare, Red in Tooth and Claw is a must have.

BATS are a rare breed, combining thoughtful songwriting and lyrics to make incredibly enticing music. Murmurs of a new record have been heard lately, so for our sake, let's hope they are true.

Listen to Red In Tooth and Claw on the band's Bandcamp page.

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