Thursday, August 23, 2012

Artist Of The Day: The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable were one of 2011's biggest success stories. Following years of relentless touring and tantalising singles, the Welsh trio finally unleashed their debut LP, a record whose profile has only grown with each passing month. Earning fandom from Dave Grohl among many others, The Big Roar was a huge, unashamed rock record, melding elements of indie, shoegaze and grunge to create a sound as melodic as it was intense. Having finally afforded themselves a breather, the band are now taking the first steps towards their return, and have already announced initial details regarding a follow-up. Entitled Wolf's Law, the new album is currently slated for a January release, and will supposedly bring acceleration to their already commendable development. As well as the usual guitar, bass and drums, a host of untried tools such as harps and strings are also set to make an appearance, a sure sign that the ambition levels have been stacked even higher. There is, of course, always the danger it'll transpire into an overblown mess, but given their excellent record to date this lot have earned their right to a shot of indulgence.

The band have made the track 'Wolf's Law' available to download on their official website. It doesn't appear on the new album, but it does act as a taster of things to come.


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