Friday, August 31, 2012

Jukebox: Born With Stripes - "Sundream"

Born With Stripes' "You Stole The Laces From My Shoes" was probably the single finest slice of youthful exuberance which didn't soundtrack your summer. Frighteningly advanced for a band of novices, the track struck a truly exceptional balance between the slacker vibes of American indie and the sugary abandon that most pop-punk acts crave for. You really will struggle to find a more addictive song all year, although its list of challengers is one longer now that they've conceived a follow-up. Tapping into the same fiercely upbeat sentiments, "Sundream" is the sound of a group whose confidence is on the up, having this time included a killer chorus to perch atop their mountain of hooks. It may stick with their distinctly lo-fi aesthetic, but this is a song of universal appeal; perfect for lazy afternoons sipping cider in the type of weather its artwork depicts. Summer 2012 came too early for Born With Stripes, but don't be at all surprised if their time comes a few years down the line. Make no mistake, these Nottinghamshire scamps are on to something, and I for one can't wait to hear what they do next.

You can download "Sundream" on a name your price basis from Born With Stripes' Bandcamp page.

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  1. Thanks for the feature!

    Check out the (very) homemade video for Sundream