Sunday, August 12, 2012

Artist of the Day: The Dillinger Escape Plan

Everything about mathcore group Dillinger Escape Plan screams massive. The group's concerts are so huge that they're dangerous to be a part of, the music itself is unbelievably dense and the vocalist... Well.

Greg Puciato's widely known for his infamous defecation onstage, but there are even more fascinating qualities about the man (believe it or not, I swear it.) He's the biggest dude ever - just take a look at him, and reconsider if you would ever mess with him on the street.

The point isn't Puciato's grossly muscular stature, but rather the fact that he goes and does whatever the hell he feels like doing. This is a philosophy that falls hand-in-hand with Dillinger Escape Plan, an ideology that's impacted my life especially. The group's magnum opus, 2010's Option Paralysis served as an amalgamation of everything good about Dillinger thus far - thundering rhythms, chaotic song structures and Greg utilizing his voice in ways yet unseen.

What's more important than the specifics, though, is the overall motive that Dillinger Escape Plan have for being so rambunctious. They're named after John Dillinger's "escape plan" for all of his heists, which was simply to blow stuff up. This sounds too straightforward to be meaningful, but that's precisely the point - Dillinger don't spend time trying to make themselves more appealing than they feel they are. Rather, they develop what they love and run with it, gaining millions of fans in the process. Instead of contemplating how they should approach writing a song, they just dive into it entirely - spontaneity is their friend.

There's new music in the works, which makes a fanboy like myself as excited as ever. Let's see what exactly these mathcore tyrants have in store for us next.

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