Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It’s been happening more and more often lately. Bands, seemingly out of nowhere, inexplicably erupt onto the scene, often being hailed as the next “thing”. However, rarely do they profoundly command attention and even less frequently, do they actually deserve it. Hardcore act, Departures, on the other hand, is an exception to this sentiment.

Departures, hailing from the UK, are currently signed to Fist in the Air Records. With their debut EP, Escaping, they proved themselves to be a powerful and thoughtful act in the scene. Heavy, chaotic, and filled with wonderful melodies, Escaping was a 2010 hardcore stand-out.

On June 13th, the band plan to unleash their debut full length, When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted. The album, having been streaming for a number of weeks, has already garnered a surprising amount of praise. Carrying over everything that made their EP such a thrill to listen to, When Losing Everything… should rightfully place Departures amongst their peers, whom include Defeater, The Carrier, and More Than Life.

When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted can be listened to in full on the bands facebook

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