Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Wealthy West

The Wealthy West is the side project of Brandon Kinder (lead singer of The Rocketboys), and belongs to the wave of neo-folk “hickster” bands that have popularized the country/indie fusion.  The melodies are charming and melancholy, the instrumentation simplistic and polished, and the lyrics sensitive.  “Home” shows off Kinder’s ability to write a killer melody and present it in an accessible package, while “Love is Not Enough” is a dark, cautionary song.  In many ways, The Wealthy West sounds like that one guy who sits on that one corner in your town with a guitar and a harmonica, but Kinder’s debut EP is polished an packaged in such a way that guarantees that these quiet little songs won’t leave you alone.  Listen to The Wealthy West on Facebook here.

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