Monday, May 30, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Giants

Like so many acts that are ignored, the Giants EP was basically shrugged off at its release in 2005 for bigger and better things. However, half a decade later, the band is going strongly, with two full lengths and a third in progress, so they decided to take a second shot at the EP. Sharing sounds akin to Final Days Society, yet almost completely their own, I'm surprised the EP didn't attract more attention than it did - it's truly fantastic, down-to-earth post instrumental music. The tracks are mostly lead by either acoustic or clean electric guitar, and there are some very creative, albeit repetitive, choruses that suggest an introspective feel with a simple, breathtaking effect.

You can follow the band and stream some tracks on Myspace here, and check out some of the Mylene Sheath's other sounds here.
The EP is released on June 14th.

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