Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I found this band and I was immediately impressed. Unfortunately I pushed them aside and they've sat unnoticed in my music library until today. If you were ever a fan of Emery's In Shallow Seas We Sail, then Johnnyrook should be the next band you check out. Johnnyrook seem to have more of a heavy influence but hold back a bit by keeping the vocals clean and producing a sound that is a blend of rock and indie. Their lyrics are packed with emotion and fortunately, never come off as overly depressing. James Kuzma's vocals are almost flawless and are clearly a high point for the band. Check out their song "Computer" to see (hear) exactly what I mean. The band has three releases under their belt. Each release is a progression in the band's career and this can only mean good things for Johnnyrook's future. All of their music is available on their Bandcamp page.

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