Monday, May 2, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Desert of Hiatus

The small, ambient project of Kevin Gwozdz, Portland, Oregon-based Desert of Hiatus released an album about a week ago that I downloaded and started listening to today, having a pretty long day and needing something to relax to. By the end of the listen, I was amazed that the album was over - it was a fantastic, calming experience that I've rarely had with music today, and one that will definitely allow this album to stick with me for a long time.

Gwozdz has a way of shaping his ambient music that makes it unbearably beautiful: he structures his album to that each song has it's own little flair and feeling, but those piecewise emotions, when all synced together, create an event that takes computation in order to really understand what's happened. The Meaning isn't Gwozdz's first crack at this either - his self-titled EP, consisting of a three-part song "New Rose, A Dead Flower" is equal in depth and hypnotic melody. I hope it keeps coming, they were both wonderful listens.

You can pick up both of his releases at his Bandcamp here.

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