Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jordan Gable

Forget about Christofer Drew and listen to Jordan Gable. Gable steps up the acoustic/pop sound we're used to hearing from Drew and makes much more tolerable songs. Don't get me wrong, Nevershoutnever! is great but I feel like he appeals more to preteens and kids in their early teens. Gable's sound is more mature and his voice reaches heights that are controlled and rarely drift into an ear pitching whine. On older songs all the instrumental arrangements are done by Gable himself. Now that Gable has joined forces with drummer and percussionist Ryan Winnen, we might hear songs similar to his latest single "Crashing" on his next release. You can watch Gable's latest video for his new song, "Crashing", here. You can keep yourself updated with his Facebook page.


  1. I totally agree!!

  2. Couldn't have worded it better myself!! I also think the two are very different though...

  3. jordan gable sounds a lot like creed