Monday, May 9, 2011

The Lonely Island Wants To Have Sex With Your Mother

Citizens of Muzik Dizcovery with a sense of class be warned: Turtleneck & Chain is not for those who refuse to giggle at ridiculous self-deprecation, intercourse with your friend's mother, and people who refuse to be fans of "Garfield Sex Music." The Lonely Island, consisting of Saturday Night Live member Andy Samberg and SNL writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, imploded with their first musically mediocre but somewhat amusing album Incredibad. Not every joke connected (or was even worth listening to), but the album rode its singles to a relatively surprising amount of success and there eventually came a time where the internet population couldn't go without twenty minutes of reciting lines of "I'm On A Boat," or posting a GIF from the group's "Jizz In My Pants" music video. It was crude humor at best, and Turtleneck & Chain continues the trend of aggressively terrible musicianship with a focus on bigger, better, arguably more ridiculous and even more juvenile jokes.

Similarly to Incredibad, Turtleneck & Chain's best laughs come not from the trio's solo work, but the ludicrous performances given by their guests. Whether it is Michael Bolton randomly letting loose some rather triumphant singing about the adventures of The Pirates of the Caribbean within "Jack Sparrow," Rihanna uttering the phrase "boner alert" in "Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde," or Justin Timberlake singing splendidly about wanting to have intercourse with the mothers of the world, Turtleneck & Chain's comical highs manage to outweigh the relatively embarrassing lows within the occasional poor rapping and missed punch lines. I may not care for Samberg's stories about fighting Rocky or the recycled "I'm On A Boat" styling of "I Just Had Sex" (Seriously, the group managed to find another auto-tuned black man who was fading into obscurity in recent years: Akon), but I'm perfectly content listening to the band lampooning homophobia within "No Homo," and hearing how to properly "do the creep" within "The Creep." Did I mention that Snoop Dogg is included, and were you listening when I told you that Justin Timberlake wants to have sex with your mother? Take a deep breath, don the classiest turtleneck you own, give "Motherlover" a watch (NSFW), and give Turtleneck & Chain's classless, middle school humor a chance on May 10th through Universal Records.

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