Friday, May 13, 2011

Sin Fang

For a country of not even 320,000 people, Iceland has certainly produced an impressive number of exceptional musicians and artists who have charmed audiences internationally with their dreamy language, pastel soundscapes, and sweeping melodies. One of those artists is Sin Fang, the newest project of Sindri Sigfússon, frontman of Seabear and solo artist. Sin Fang at times sounds a bit like Jonsi’s critically acclaimed album Go might have if he hadn’t had genius composer Nico Muhly working with him. Other times, Sin Fang has a definite pop sensibility and “Slow Lights” could even be called “infectious” in a lazy, rhythmic way. Sigfússon’s latest album Summer Echoes explores acoustic guitar, electronic beats and bleeps, and choirs all while feeling characteristically Icelandic, taking the nation’s signature sound into genres it has rarely ventured as yet. Listen to Sin Fang's lush tunes here.

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