Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You, Me, And Everyone We Know - Things Are Really Weird Right Now

Things Are Really Weird Right Now is such a suiting title for the situation going on for the band right now. What was expected to be a little EP to tide us over has turned into You, Me, And Everyone We Know's possible final release. But I'm not here to talk about this beaten to death situation, instead I'm here to talk about the band's final four songs that they may ever release. These songs definitely are different than the majority of Some Things Don't Wash Out, but the songs definitely fit as classic You, Me, And Everyone We Know. The production is a lot less slick than the full length, but fans of the older Party For The Grown and Sexy sound will enjoy the rawer feel of the new tracks.

The title track is one of the weaker songs in the band's discography, as nothing particularly stands out. The song becomes very monotonous, and the hooks aren't gold as in Some Things Don't Wash Out. The redone version of "Some Things Don't Wash Out" loses some of the charm of the original, as the only improvement is Ben's vocals, as the slower tempo successfully forces him to stretch out his voice. Luckily, "There Was A Thump, Then Another", is easily the highlight of the EP. Ben's witty lines return, and the gang vocals bring back memories of the band's centerpiece "Livin' Th' Dream". Though the horns would have been a great fit for the song, they remain MIA. "Sad Bastard Music" is a simple, acoustic track that's a melancholy end for the troubled band. Though the band could have gone out with a bang (musically, not dramatically), this simple track seems to perfectly represent what must be going on in Ben's head right now. Though I will miss the band, this may be best for both parties involved, and I wish every single person involved with the band luck for the future. You can stream the title track right here.

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